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Advancements in Journal of Urology and Nephrology(AJUN)

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Volume 3, Issue 1

Case Report
Acute Medical (bedside) Peritoneal Dialysis catheter insertion in Intensive Therapy Unit setting, an overlooked Renal Replacement Therapy option, A Case Study
Author(s): Nikita B Jolapara, Prabhvir Marway, Michael Fawzy
Research Article
Acute Renal Failure Induced by Madder
Author(s): S Ezzaki, I Failal, N Mtioui, S Khayat, M Zamed, G Medkouri, M Benghanem, B Ramdani
Research Article
A Case for Worldwide Mass Immunization with MMR to Limit Deaths from COVID-19
Author(s): Joseph Onwude, Dolamu Sokunbi