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International Journal of Women's Health Care(IJWHC)

ISSN: 2573-9506

Impact Factor: 1.011 with ISI (2021-2022)

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Volume 6, Issue 4

Review Article
Basic Ionization Dosimetry for Radiological Protection Management
Author(s): F Scarlat, E Stancu, AScarisoreanu
Case Report
Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension: Description of an Atypical Case
Author(s): Siri Laura, Gaiero Alberto, Maritano Lorenza, Vaira Massimo, Anselmo Marco, Polvicino Mario, Calia Stefano, Gaggero Roberto, Cohen Amnon.
Research Article
Fresh Frozen Plasma in Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Due to Factor XIII Val34Leu: Case Series
Author(s): Alaa Ismail, Anas Ismail, Mohammed Joudeh