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Journal of Chemistry: Education Research and Practice(JCERP)

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Volume 5, Issue 1

DOI: doi.org/10.33140/JCERP.05.01.01
Research Article
Electrochemical Biosensor Based on Furosemide-Gold Nanoparticles for The Determination of Dopamine for Practical Applications
Author(s): Maqsood Ahmed Abro, Farman Ali Mangi, Deedar Ali Jamro, Naimatullah Channa, Ihsan Ali Mallah, Sikander Ali Larik, Sajid Hussain Metlo, Mansib Ali Jakhrani, Dost Mohammad Kalhoro, Aijaz Ali Otho and Abdul Qayoom Mugheri
DOI: doi.org/10.33140/JCERP.05.01.02
Review Article
Synthesis of 5-Nitro-1,2,4-Triazol-3-One Via: Conventional Heating, Microwave and Ultrasonication
Author(s): Ruksana R Sirach and Pragnesh N Dave
DOI: doi.org/10.33140/JCERP.05.01.03
Research Article
Chemistry Laboratory Safety Signs Awareness Among Undergraduate Students in Rivers State
Author(s): B Ikiroma, W Chinda, IS Bankole
DOI: doi.org/10.33140/JCERP.05.01.04
Research Article
Nоvеl Grаdiеnt Chrоmаtоgrаphic Mеthоd fоr Simultаnеоus Thеrаpеutic Drug Mоnitоring оf Cеfеpimе, Vаncоmуcin аnd Lеvоflоxаcin in Humаn Plаsmа fоr Hоspitаl Аcquirеd Pnеumоniа Pаtiеnts
Author(s): Mаhmоud M Sеbаiу, Sоbhу M Еl-Аdl, Mоhаmеd M Bаrаkа, Samy M Ibrahim, Fаtmа Ibrаhim
DOI: doi.org/10.33140/JCERP.05.01.05
Research Article
Dielectric, Electrical Conductivity Behavior and Molecular Modeling of Some Pyrimidine and Purine Compounds
Author(s): MS Masoud, M Sh Ramadan, AM Sweyllam and MH Al-Saify
Volume 4, Issue 3
DOI : doi.org/10.33140/JCERP.04.03.01 Perspective Article Could Putting the Mesenchymal Stem Cells Technology into Practice Be an Optimistic Therapy for The Critically Ill COVID-19? Laila Mahmoud Montaser PDF |