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Journal of Gastroenterology & Digestive Systems

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DOI : doi.org/10.33140/JGDS.03.02.05
Research Article
A Clinicopathological Review of 655 Appendices Removed For Acute Appendicitis in a Tertiary Care Medical Center in Lebanon: A Retrospective Study
Saad EL-DAOU, Frederic ADAIMI, Ali FAKIH, Rawane EL ASSAAD, Deoda MAASARANI, Mouhammad KANJ, Ghassan MOUJAES, Jessie DARIDO, Alexander Cesar SABATH MERCADO, Georges KOZAH and Mahmoud HALLAL

DOI : doi.org/10.33140/JGDS.03.02.04
Research Article
In Vitro Antioxidant Activity of Sesame Milk Fermentation in Human Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL)
Ulyatu Fitrotin, Pudji Hastuti, Tyas Utami and Umar Santoso

DOI : doi.org/10.33140/JGDS.03.02.03
Short Communication
What is IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease)?
Balwant Singh Gill

DOI : doi.org/10.33140/JGDS.03.02.02
Image Article
Construct the 8 Models from the Tool Bags and Use the Help Book for Teaching or Learning
Gudrun Kalmbach HE

DOI : doi.org/10.33140/JGDS.03.02.01
Urgent Health Care Re- Birth
Julie Rammal